Welcome to Mariana Miller Island in Ecuador’s province of Napo, your destination to a satisfying vacation enjoying the benefits of life in the Amazons. Under the safety and care of our attentives guides and staff, every day is filled with exciting and interesting activities tailored to your style of travelling, You can go on a vigorous jungle trek exploration, go MMreservetubbing, swim or navigate the river aboard a canoe, embark on trips to visit local tribal communities and places of interest around our area, including wildlife zoos and caves. All this while enjoying tasty and healthy foods, resting and relaxing in Mariana Miller’s rustic lodge cabins located in the very heart of the jungle!

Great Choice
Choosing the Napo Amazon not only promises a unique travelling experience but it also contributes to maintaining a portion of the world's Amazon rainforest, the most dense and extensive green area of our MMreserveplanet, recognized by biologists as the Lungs of the World. Most important, your stay benefits the native community of Puni Bocana, as Mariana Miller's employs its members as guides and staff, while purchasing their handcrafts contributes to their economy.

That's how it's called, a sustainable economical alternative to oil exploitation, forestry or farming for the area, helping to balance the negative impact that excessive deforestation and pollution causes to this enviroment and its inhabitants, fauna and flora. Never was vacationing so fun, fulfilling and beneficial to you, your native hosts and indeed the planet itself. So what are you waiting for? Put on those rain boots, gather you enthusiasm and enter the adventure of a lifetime in Napo’s Amazon. We your friends at Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve are waiting for you.

About the Reserve

We are part of a community of biological reserves that together support preservation of the Ecuatorian Amazon. In 2001 this reservation was acquired by the Miller family with the intention to preserve it as a natural rainforest habitat. 114 and hectares (345 acres), the equivalent for 120 football fields, were designated for this purpose. The MM reserve is framed at the MMreservesouth by the Puni and Arahuano rivers, where the Puni Bocana village is located, on the north we are very close to the port of Misahualli, the original tourist station in the area. To the east lies the Satun Sacha reservation, but there exists no actual physical demarcation to separate it from ours. You can find more about our location here...

About Us
We are a family-owned and operated business, founded upon the commitment to contribute to the preservation of Amazon rainforest. It all started when an Ecuatorian emigrant to the United States, Marco Lopez-Miller, sought out to purchase a little land for his retirement in his homeland, and ended up with this marvelous portion of wildlife ecosystem and accompanying guest lodge. He eventually named it after his mother, a hard working Ecuatorian woman. Their goal is to share this treasure with you, while helping Amazon land preservation efforts and support to the neighboring community of Puni Bocana. Finally, they get to share some of the magic their country of Ecuador holds for us all.