Ecuatorian cuisine in the Napo-Tena area is simple, fresh and healthy. The area is abundant with crops, vegetables and fruits native to the area. The plantain, both green and ripe, potatoes, yucca, rice and salads pair up with chicken, beef, pork or tilapia, brought fresh on a daily basis dishfrom local farms. You can enjoy these plates both at the Amazonia restaurant, where we stop on our way through Tena or right in our lodge, served to you daily in homely fashion. There are special local fruit drinks and of course cacao based drinks, for cacao pods grow in abudance around here. Pineapples, coconuts, guavas abound too.

Good Stuff
The combination of ingredients make it possible for vegetarians to be served satisfactorily by omitting the meats. Many of the common foods in Napo have great health benefits, such as green plantain, which boiled has a 38 count in the glycemic index. This is important for diabetics seeking to intake fiber and nutrients without raising their ingredients blood sugar level. Then there's the yucca, rich in choresterol binding saponin, impeding its absortion into the blood stream and it's been asserted to reduce arthitis. Has health ever tasted this good?

The Fish
Tilapia is indeed the favorite fish around, being one of the three most common farmed anywhere due to its high success rate. Prepared in a variety of ways, the most traditional being wrapped in banana leaf and cooked either steamed or over open fire, absorbing the special flavor and scent from the leaves. You can put a little lemon on that, right out from our lemon trees. Our fresh tilapia is provided by a local farm maintained by our partners in Amazonia restaurant.

But, what you'll probably enjoy even more than the savory dishes, or even their great health benefits is to enjoy them right in the heart of the jungle.