Returning from an excursion or arriving from the city, you need a place to relax and lodgings to have a good night's sleep. For this purpose our lodge offers cabins, communal buildings, gathering cabanasand playing guest areas surrounded by lush vegetation, planting and neighboring rivers. You're sure to find your quarters comfortable yet rustic enough to not miss out for a moment the sense and feeling of being in the heart of the jungle.

The Cabins
We have eight rustic cabins accomodating up to fifty-five visitors, built in a traditional style using local materials. Each cabin is divided into two units. Three of the cabins are single bed units, ideal for couples or single guests, while the other five cabins are double units with two bunk beds each accomodating up to four guests per unit, ideal for families, friends and travel groupscabins . Each unit has a private bathroom and is equipped with electricity from 6pm to 10pm. The cabins were built following a traditional style and using local materials, such as capirona wood and bamboo, pambil floors and caoba handrails. The roofs are made of toquilla palm (carludovica plamata) which are rebuilt about every ten years.

Our cabins are just a part of our accomodations which include a large building for dining, a meeting room with river views, outdoor gathering areas and playing grounds, all located within Mariana Miller Island and open to our guests. To find out more visit the M.M. Lodge section here...