Relax in this welcoming paradise, part of the world's richest area in terms of vegetation, animal and plants species: the Amazon, known as the Lungs of the World. Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve are in Ecuador's Napo province, in one of the best and most recognizable tourist locations for eco-tourism and amazonic exploration. escapeWe are surrounded by nature in its full splendor, with rivers and dense rainforests. It is the ideal place to find stress relief, to breathe clean revitalizing air absent of pollution, a haven of virginal nature that you will become part of, far away from the hustle of freeways, factories, office grind and city life, deep into an undisturbed jungle habitat.

Real Treasure
It is fortunate that in spite of the extensive development of cities and transportation systems, that vast areas of wilderness are still intact. While it is true that there is to this day much activity to exploit the riches that lie below and above the amazon territories, large reserves are respected. Mariana Miller's is a little nook of this haven. In here you will find the work of nature left to itself, for the exception of our accomodations, which escape occupy a small area and permits guests and visitors to lodge and rest between trips and excursions, relax in a hammock, dine in or simply share a tale with fellow guests or travellers.

A Different Life
Another interesting and fascinating aspect of your escape is the interaction with other cultures, be it from local or nearby locations, the guides, our escapestaff, townspeople and the members from indigenous communities that you will meet. You will find through them a different rythmn of life, that while not absent of daily chores and challenges, it's benefited from the calming effect of being close to nature. A life of swimming in rivers, walking through vegetation, living in an overwhelming natural environment where the boundries between human, animal and vegetable life are blurred or inexistent.

So waste not another moment, plan out your dream vacation and escape to these evergreen lands awaiting with open bracnhes, soothing waters and the smiling countenance of a native villager. Your friends at Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve are looking forward to help your dreamed escape become a reality.