Discover the jungle's secrets by foot or canoe. One on the favorite activities for visitors to Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve, is the jungle exploration trips which are done by foot or aboard motorized canoes. There are a variety of paths to explore of varyingexplore difficulty and length, but they're all filled with infinite discoveries to be made. Be it spotting native species in their natural habitat, contemplating the complex biological processes that take place everyday in the jungle, walking up a trail, climbing paths or testing your liana skills. You can't imagine the extent of this magnificent experience until you have been here. The canoe trips circumvent the forest, zig-zaging the rivers to opening views of lush amazonic vegetation. You will feel one with this unique environment.

Much To See
Some of the species that you will find, either at the our biological reserve or at the animal sanctuaries explorewe visit are monkeys, capirs, ant-eaters, turtles, toucans and frogs. Insects such as large sized ants, worms grasshoppers or spiders including the impressive tarantulas, abide throughout the area. Butterflies abound too, and if visiting the mariposarium you'll be fascinated by the cummulative beauty of these graceful creatures. The large jungle trees such as the ceiba and the forests they form offer a spectacular view. They filter the sunlight and are the source of the explore dominating shade. This, coupled with the predominant rainfall, maintain the soil ever moist and filled with organic nutrients, no wonder the exuberant vegetation!

And More To Do
But what is adventure if it's not filled with fun? Well, you can always hop down to the river at Mariana Miller's beach and enjoy the calm current, ideal for swimming, or take up a floater and glide by. However, to many visitors getting to know the native communitites who have lived in the jungle since their origins, is an essential experience to take away from their visit. Mariana Miller's is neighbor to the Sinchi Runas, an amiable people that allow visitors to get to know them and their lifestyle, while learning a thing or two about how to preparing the village's favorite drink, make pottery or hunt and fish. Is it not enough to make you want to jump into this wonderful adventure in the heart of the Napo jungle? Find more about our activities here, and about the Sinchi Runas here.