The Amazon rainforest is the largest concentration of tropical rainforest in the world, with well over one billion acres of territory. Consider the following: it has been estimated that one acre of trees provides oxygen for eighteen people to breathe for a year, multiplying the actual oxygenrainforest figures by this amount (1.4 billion x 18) gives us plenty of air for 25.2 billion of us. We just turned 7 billion on planet earth, so we're covered just fine.

Breathing in Napo
One of the provinces of Ecuador containing rainforest area is Napo, where Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve is located. Whileoxygen the reserve is about 140 acres of rainforest, math aside, you have plenty oxygen to breathe. However, there is nothing comparable to filling your lungs with pure Amazonic air, shared with the rest of the forest around you. An air that keeps this vast green expanse thriving with life and vitality, as you will too. Many who have visited and experienced the Amazon in its virgin state come from cities where pollution is rampant, just inhaling for them is a bonus treat worth the travelling. Well, how often can you say that you're breathing right within the earth's lungs?