Many fauna and flora species are native to Mariana Miller Ecological Island and Biological Reserve, a portion of the Ecuatorian Amazon in te Napo region. These include species of animals, plants, trees and insects. By respecting the virgin nature of the territory and not exploiting it for commercial purposes, this habitatarea will be preserved for its inhabitants and for future generations of visitors to enjoy. There are ample opportunities for conciencious individuals, students and professionals to come in and study the reserve, document it and help bring awareness to the enviromental value of rainforest reserves to others.

The Benefits
Simply by coming to visit and lodging at Mariana Miller's you are contributing to the success of our preservation effort while supporting habitateco-tourism in Ecuador. This viable alternative to exploiting the resources of the habitat for finite commercial purposes, strengthens weak local economies, while building international cross-cultural bridges. The benefits of maintaining large expanses of land that create tons of oxygen into the atmosphere is crucial for the planet as a whole, but for the native inhabitants and the habitat's species, the preservation of this unique environment is crucial for the support of their very lives and existence.

What are you waiting for? Your contribution will be well rewarded by the unforgettable experience of staying habitatat Napo's Amazon jungle with us and knowing that you do make a difference, but, oh, such an enjoyable one!

Are you a student of nature?
Throughout the years many individuals involved in all branches of scientific studies, from biology and ecology to anthropology and sustainability have come to Napo to further their career or educational studies while contributing to the growing knowledge and understanding of this unique eco-system and its native communities. If you are considering spending time at Mariana Miller's as part of your study plans contact us for any questions you may have.