The Sinchi Runas are our neighbors and one of the various Amazonic communities that live in the Napo area. They speak the ancient Kichwa language and are a festive and hardworking people with their own sinchi_runacustoms, tradition and folklore. You will have an opportunity to meet them and can buy their pottery, ornaments and bead jewelry at affordable prices. In addition to taking home beautiful and useful mementos, as client, you will be collaborating with their local economy.

Getting to Know You
Direct contact with peoples with different life styles than us prove to be a experience beneficial both to the new and seasoned traveller. Visiting and meeting the Sinchi Runas is no exception. Living in the jungle since thesinchi_runa coming of their ancestors with limited foreign influence until relatively recently, the ancient customs, knowledge and wisdom of their forefathers are present in the every day lives of the Sinchis. Today they are a people facing the challenges of adapting to more modern forms of society while remaining true to the essense of their native culture.

Can you shoot a "cerbatana"?
Well, can you? A cerbatana is a long blowpipe used for hunting throughout the Amazons. Don't worry, you will learn how to use this ingenious and useful invention by an expert native hunter, participate in face painting rituals, learn to prepare the "chicha" drink, made out of yucca, basket weaving, and yes, much more. For more about our activities visit here...