MMlodgeMariana Miller's lodge is located south of our biological reserve at Puni Bocana, defined by the intersecting Arahuano and Puni rivers. The lodge houses traditionally designed cabins built of local woods with individual restrooms and outside verandas featuring the ever present hammock hanging about. In addition, there is a large building where our kitchen is located, with bar and dining room serving our guests, a meeting room with a view to the river and outdoor areas for a visitor to relax or play before and after a day of exploration. More about our cabins here...

It's lunch time!
Yes, these are the words you want to hear after a vigorous day of trekking and exploring when you're caught with good old jungle hunger. Just like our cabins, our dining facilities are built of local woods, down to the furnishings, with open views to the outside vegetation. Our cooks are inhabitants from the neighboring region and prepare dishes enjoyed by locals but with international appeal. Don't leave out the accompanying fruit drinks. You'll also find out just why are the locals so well fit, aside from their busy activities, could it be in the diet too? Their's is a diet fit for their dynamic livestyle, such as you'll be experience in your stay with us. Find out more about our cooking here, why it's natural, healthy and delicious.

The Grounds
There is virtually no hardscape about our lodge, except for paths either built of or lined up with stones gathered from our own river beds. You'll find however, lots of planting areas with yucca, cacao, guavas, lemon, banana trees, and flowers blooming year 'round, all together creating an ensemble that blends and harmonizes with the surrounding wild vegetation. We have a large outdoor meeting area with a roof-structure covered in toquilla palm leaves, great for group activities, and a volleyball playing area.

A View of the River
Well, you can just walk up to the river, wet your feet, take a swin or have a cup of tea before sunset in our river nook meeting room. It's not the Taj Mahal, but then again, the Taj does'nt look out to the placid waters of the Puni Amazon river, does it? A great little place to stretch your legs and chat a bit or just keep quiet and listen to the river flow by.