There is no better way to experience the rainforest than to engage in the multiple activities that take place within Mariana Miller's Biological Reserve, its neighboring rivers and surrounding areas. Ranging from fun jungle trekking, canoe river travel, visits to wildlife zoos and meeting with indigenous communities, you will certainly find what's more suitable for you. Explore Mariana Miller's river_canoing biological reserve and our neighbor's at Satun Sacha, you will be led to the best site and locations within the reserves, from waterfalls to gigantic trees such as the ceibo. Watch for the lianas!

Tour the Jungle
Expert guides will take you through the jungle through any of the various routes known with great regards to your safety, but fully satisying your thirst for exploration and discovery. You select the degree of difficulty for the trek and its approximate duration. The tour allows you to explore the wildlife habitat that surrounds you at every step. There are infinite natural processes that activitiesoccur in every inch of the ground, trees and vegetation, including the activities of an infinite number of insects. Most animals sleep during the day and come out at night to hunt, but with care we should catch the goings of birds, monkeys or water turtles. All this, surrounded by the rainforest that shades, curtails, covers and encloses every nook of the jungle it dominates.

By Canoe
Don't worry about tiring from paddling long hours, we use motorized canoes and "set sail", figuratively speaking. Our driver, a member of the local community, will drive us through the calm waters of the Arahuano or Puni rivers transporting you to a number of destinations. The trips themselves are amazing as the jungle uncovers itself with every turn exhibiting glorious vistas of wild green foliage and forests that sinchi_runa sustain millions of animals and creatures.

Kichwa Community
The Sinchi Runas are one of the communities that thrive in our area. They speak the ancient Kichwa language and are a festive and hardworking people with their own customs and folklore. You will have an opportunity to meet them and can buy their pottery, ornaments and jewelry made with beads at affordable prices. In addition to take home beautiful and useful memento, as client, you will be collaborating with their local economy.

Amazoonico Museum
One of the most creative contributions of the ecological establishment is the creation and maintenance of animal havens such as the Amazoonico or El Arca (The Arc), Here you can see activitiesmany of the jungles species at close range. You wont forget their grace and beauty.

Night Jungle Walks
Walking at night through the jungle offers a different perspective from day trekking. The jungle is enraptured in deep darkness, alleviated only with our hand lights. The sounds change as different creatures and animals comeactivities out at night time. The moon and the stars are clearly visible. Due to the absence of the artificial lighting encountered in cityscapes, there are no atmospheric reflections obstructing the view to the sky's nocturnal abode. This is a treat for thoughtful star gazers who bring in their telescopes.

Misahualli Port
This well knonw town, a pioneering tourist outpost was established because of the need to support oil industry workers. Today it is filled with businesses catering to visitors. Among the interesting to do's from our list is to meet up close with their famous monkeys, who have adapted to town life and are not a bit timid with the visiting folk.