Travelling to Ecuador

What are the legal requirements to travel to Ecuador from the U.S.?
Under Ecuadorian law, U.S. citizens traveling for business or tourism on a tourist passport can enter Ecuador for up to 90 days per calendar year without a visa.

How do I get to Ecuador?
There are various airlines offering service to Ecuador via Quito, Copa airlines is one of them. If travelling on the road through South America the Panamerican highway is the indicated international highway to take, as it goes through all of Ecuador crossing many of its provinces' capitals. You can refer to our maps here.

What should I bring for the trip?
There are a number of items that you will find necessary when visiting our area considering the climate and conditions in the jungle and the activities you might take part in.

These are the following:

  • passport
  • travel documents
  • hiking boots
  • dry socks
  • camera
  • light clothes
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • flash lights
  • maps

  • The most important: if you are on any treatment that requires regular intake of any medicines or allergic, please make sure you have enough of the medicines for the period of your stay with us. Please also consult your physician and follow his recommendations related to the trip. Do not forget the prescription copy in case the medicines require it.
  • Check the set of papers to take with you: passport, travel documents, tickets, travel insurance (it is absolutely necessary to travel in Ecuador), vaccination certificates (if any).
  • Clothing recommendations are quite usual: long sleeve tops, long trousers and a light raincoat/poncho for jungle tours as a protection against sun, rain and mosquitoes. Comfortable walking or hiking shoes or boots - sneakers or sports footwear are not suitable for the jungle. T-shirts, shorts, hats and caps are a necessity in any traveler's baggage. In case you have an extra-large foot size you probably would be safer having the rain boots with you.
  • Sun protection creams/lotions, sunglasses, insect repellent, and your usual set of personal care items. If you use contact lenses please ensure you have the sufficient stock of the daily/weekly pairs.
  • A video/photo camera (and/or binoculars). Films and batteries can be purchased in the town of Coca, but please have a spare set in case they run out of stock in Coca - especially for long tours. Do not forget the chargers for your cameras. We also recommend you to have an extra memory card for your cameras with you. Water resistant padded cases are a necessity.
    Books, sketching or painting accessories or else to fill in your time between the tours.

Can I take pictures of all places and people I visit or meet?
Amazonia is a perfect place for photography lovers, where one can find the objects to any taste - landscapes, panoramic views, wildlife, portraits and genre pictures. The nature and the people of Ecuador are very colorful and good light conditions are as well present. Please note that it is considered rude to take pictures of people without asking their permission first. Keep your cameras in a water resistant, padded case to protect them from rain and humidity.
What about travel insurance?
Please note that it is your responsibility to provide for your medical and travel insurance. It is necessary that you take care of this before your arrival to Ecuador, for any active traveling is impossible without proper insurance. Please note that is recommended to make sure the urgent evacuation by helicopters in case of emergency is provided.
What if I have a particular medical condition?
It is extremely important that any traveler having an ailments requiring any specific drug / medicine / procedures on a regular basis (allergies, diabetes, etc) should have absolutely enough stock of all necessary items with him, because it is often impossible to get a medicine within about 24 hours. If the traveler uses prescription medicine, he must have a copy of the prescription with him.

For any other questions or inquiries don't hesitate to contact us.