Mariana Miller Island Biological Reserve and Lodge is located in the Napo province of Ecuador, in the county of Tena. It is situated in Shinchi Runa's community of Puni Bocana, about 7.5 miles from Misahualli town in the shoreline of the rivers Arajuno and Puni.

Ecuador, where's Ecuador?
The Amazon territory in the South American continent is distributed among nine countries, Ecuador is one of them, catching Amazon's westernmost edge. Ecuador borders on the south and east with Peru and to the north with Colombia. West to the Ecuatorian Amazon is a mountain range that runs north to south throughout the country and further on west is the Pacific coast. It's very easy to find Ecuador in a map, just follow the center "equator line" to the Pacific edge of the American continent and you'll come up with the country's location. Try it if you haven't yet.

Ecuador is composed of twenty-two provinces, Napo is one of the various ones that contains Amazon territory and the most interior of these Amazon provinces. Its capital is Tena.

Due to its geographical location, Tena is a great meeting center for jungle exploration, as it offers easy access to the wilderness without having to enter too deep into it. The city of Tena is about twenty-five minutes from Mariana Miller's. Many tourist companies and services operate from Tena, including one of our partners, the Amazonico restaurant. Most of our supplies come from the city too.

Puni Bocana
Our neighbors, the Sinchi Runa indigenous community, live in the village of Puni Bocana, which is our way of access to our lodge and biological reserve. Puni Bocana is right where the Puni and Arahuano rivers meet.

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